My name is Patricia Gamburgo. I became an Architect in December / 1980.

I remember that, after my graduation, I didn’t feel that I was ready to work as a professional. Then I returned to the University and I did several Post Graduation Engineering courses as well as seminars and continued education courses.  In the meantime, I worked for different companies doing design and project management, as well as cost estimation and construction management (on site). In 2001, I returned to College to complete the CAD Advanced Applications training where I was introduced to the concept of BIM (Building Information Modeling) and the programs allowing the connection of all the documents of a project.

I opened my own company to follow my premise that the Architect must be the link between the Customer and his / her house, landscape, etc. They must work as a team, thinking and visualizing together. Following these  concepts, I provide online architecture, design and visualization services, independently of the place where my Customers live.

Using different programs, I can provide 3D models, images, animations, permit drawings, etc.

You can see some 3D images in the gallery and you can see an animation with music in my video channel

You can also visit my two websites:
For works developed with the different 3D Punch Software programs:    www.punchhelpers.com
For works developed with 2D CAD programs:   www.draftcad.com

Or just contact me






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